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Touch Timeline - High School Year 2 (based on manga)

1985Apr  Tatsuya Uesugi and Minami Asakura studied High School Year 2
Takeshi Yoshida became the backup pitcher of Meisei
 Jul  Tatsuya Uesugi was the pitcher and 6th batter of the first game of the summer Koushien District Quailification Rounds, Meisei won
Meisei lost the second game of the summer Koushien District Quailification Rounds
Final of the summer Koushien District Quailification Rounds, Seinan vs Sumi-Tech, Sumi-Tech won
 Aug  Minami Asakura got the fourth place in the High School Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament
Sumi-Tech got the runner-up of the summer Koushien
 Autumn Matsudaira Koutarou become the Captain of Meisei Baseball Team
Meisei Baseball Team divided into Red and White Teams to have practice game. The pitcher of Red Team was Tatsuya Uesugi, the pitcher of White Team was Takeshi Yoshida. Takeshi Yoshida hit the ball pitched by Tatsuya Uesugi and had a home-run. Red Team won finally
In order to take batting photos, Tatsuya Uesugi was requested to pitch for Nitta Akio and he had a home-run. Takeshi Yoshida also pitched and had fly-out Nitta Akio's batting.
 Winter  Tatsuya Uesugi became the competitor of Tatsuya Uesugi
Yuka Akio fell into water accidentally. She was rescued and brought home by Tatsuya Uesugi.
Sumi-Tech proactively invited Meisei to have a practice game
In the practice game, Tatsuya Uesugi was right outfielder and 3rd batter. The pitcher was Takeshi Yoshida. Finally, it was a draw game.
Takeshi Yoshida requested for a game of determining the Ace pitcher
Takeshi Yoshida left Meisei and moved to South America
1986Spring Nitta Akio and Nishimura Isami were sent to hospital
Takeshi Yoshida was back to Japan. He studied at Sada High School and joined the Baseball Team