Welcome to Mitsuru Adachi - Touch Fanlisting!

The idea of an anime fanlisting originally came from TAFL. This idea aims to find out how many fans on a certain topic (person/character/thing) really has.

Touch is a great Japanese comics/manga by Mitsuru Adachi (written from 1981 to 1986). It is a story about baseball. The main characters are Tatsuya, Kazuya and Minami. Not only Asian people love this comics very much but also the Westerns, and of course this is my favorite too. 

It is a great story and I am greatly influenced by it. I started to play softball (a sport very close to baseball) in my secondary school and spent most of my time in it in the university. Some friends even say my major is softball. Firstly, I played as a Center Fielder. But later, accidentally, I became the pitcher, the position Tatsuya played. After got used to this position, I found I was deeply in love with it.

I am so surprised when I search through the internet about Touch. There are so many websites in different languages such as Chinese, English, French and Italian. There are so many fans of it. So, I would like to do something on this comics also. I really would like to bring all the fans of Touch together. That is the idea of this fanlisting comes out.

This fanlisting is only for Touch itself, no matter you love the comics, the animation (TV series, movies or OVA) or any characters of it, you are welcome to join. And this fanlisting is not for commerical use, only for private interest and everything is free.

Hope you would enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, just feel free to email me at ranmajen{at}gmail{dot}com.

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