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Touch is a manga created by Mitsuru Adachi. The entire manga has 26 volumes started from 1981 and ended on 1987. Due to the popularity it got, they finally decide to turn it into anime. Because it is a very lengthly manga, the anime series ends up with the total of 101 episodes, which was split into three different parts.

The story is about two twin brothers, Tatsuya Uesugi and Kazuya Uesugi, and a girl from the neighbor, Minami Asakura. They grow up together since they are kids. Years past by, all three of them go to the same Meisei High School.

Minami has had a dream since her childhood. She has been waiting for a male baseball player who can bring her to the Koushien (the national baseball championship gymnasium of high school). So Kazuya, the younger twin and who loves Minami, always practise baseball hard in order to realise her dream. Tatsuya, the elder brother and who also loves Minami, while watching his brother working hard for Minami's dream, he gives up the purpose to work for Minami. Since that, the characters of two brothers are very different. Tatsuya becomes very lazy and careless. He cannot be classified as excellent or even good at studying and sports. On the contrary, his brother, Kazuya is good at studying and baseball, he is the ace pitcher of Meisei baseball team. And he is always the perfect guy in every parents and girl's heart. The Uesugis and Asakura also want Minami and Kazuya to get married in the future. They think that they are the perfect couple. And hope they can make a happy family.

Although Kazuya is important to Minami, there is a special feeling to Tatsuya in her heart. To get married with Tatsuya is her second dream. Yet, Minami does not want to hurt Kazuya, so she has not told her feeling to him. And Tatsuya knows Kazuya's love to Minami, so he also hides his feeling in his heart and wants to let them to be together.

But the dream of Kazuya has been destroyed by an accident.....on the way to the regional final, he is knocked down by a car when he is trying to rescue a person. Without the pitcher, Meisei High School loses the game with the scores 3 to 4.

In order to fullfil the dreams of Kazuya and Minami, Tatsuya gives up the boxing team and joins the baseball team. He changes his long-term laziness and practises hard. His baseball talents also make the others surprised. Later, the coach becomes so ill that needs to rest for a period of time. The new coach joins but it seems that he comes with hostility to Meisei High School, he trains the team so hard that everyone of the team cannot stand for it. But actually these trainings also increase the ability of the whole team which let them enter the final game of the competition with Sumi Technical High School. In the end, Meisei High School wins and can go to the Koushien. Tatsuya also fullfils Kazuya's leftover dream. But to Minami's dream, Tatsuya needs to fight against his hesitations and the shadows.