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Uesugi Tatsuya

Tatsuya was the main character in Touch. His greatest gift was being the most perfect slacker he can be. While Kazuya, his younger brother, and Minami studied in their little house, Tatsuya always laughed with his ass manga at his desk.

Tatsuya was what other people would call, that "other" brother. This was because everyone knew his famous brother, Kazuya. With this "otherness", all attention went towards his brother and he could live with no pressure since no one would expect anything from him. And with his imperfect, his character became closer to the real life. He had the characteristics of many guys had for his age. Being funny, immature, subdued, procrastinating and looking at ecchi magazines, from all his demerits, they shown his selfless and his considerable character.

Perhaps his greatest demerit was his unlimited kindness. He was a person that never said no. And it was very obvious, no matter what happened, even though his wishes were so different, he always gave in for Kazuya. Always, making himself be the shadow while he let his brother be the best. He once made himself look like his twin, then tried to talk to a girl sweetly. But Minami caught him and told him that Kacchan was Kacchan and Tacchan was Tacchan. Tatsuya knew this of course. He could never be his brother. Although not much praise was given to him, he never showed the jealousy of Kazuya for once.

Tatsuya gave everything up for his brother. When he, Minami and Kazuya were in the childhood, Tatsuya was the one that was the most athletic. He was the one that could do anything and everything especially when it concerned baseball. But when he saw that Kazuya was stuggling and needed help, he did what any elder brother would do. He lost his purpose, slowed down a bit more when they were racing so his brother could catch up. When he saw that his brother looked so happy and when he saw how Minami would cheer his brother up, Tatsuya realized that it would be better to let Kazuya be happy. After all... their parents had already made up their mind to let Minami get married with Kazuya. To Tatsuya, it was a perfect idea and it was perfect to let Kazuya to be the best baseball player in Meisei Junior High and High school. When Meisei's baseball manager wanted him to join the baseball club, Tatsuya told her that he could not join because he did not know how to play, only his brother did. And he claimed he did not like baseball even. The manager knew his motive but she sensed his potential. And later on, everyone saw this as well. Not only the baseball manager, but also Minami, Kazuya, Harada, Nitta, or even Tatsuya himself finally began to realize it too.

Uesugi Kazuya

Kazuya was Tatsuya's twin brother, he was the younger one. They basically looked like the same, it was really hard to tell who was who, except that Kazuya had his hair styled differently and he also dressed a little more "old-line". Kazuya liked Minami much. He was serious about baseball and academic, to say more accurately, he did everything with all his best.

Kazuya was a typical nice guy. He made everyone to like him and no reason could be found to hate him. He was friendly to everyone. He was smart and so considerate that always had better understanding to his brother than Tatsuya did. He was the "star" and the "core" of the baseball school team. One of the best players Meisei High had ever had and he played as a pitcher. Many girls were attracted by his talents. His parents and Minami's father adored him and did not feel embarassed to make wedding plan for the two kids because they thought they were making such a wonderful couple.

"Kacchan" wanted to make his promise for Minami to come true of taking her to "Koshien". Koshien, was a very famous baseball stadium in Japan. It was a stadium where the most important baseball tournaments were held. It was well known and accepted that it was a privilege for having a chance to play baseball there. So all the baseball teams of the Japanese high schools were trained so hard in order to get this privilege.

Kazuya told Minami that he wanted her to be his side forever, although he felt and sensed that the one she really liked was Tatsuya. Minami told him that he was stupid for thinking such things and she liked them both equally.

Asakura Minami

Minami was the leading female character in this story. We saw her from age 14 all the way up to her college years and beyond in the movies. Minami was a girl that could speak up for herself and did what she liked.

Her mother died when she was young. Her father, who owned a small coffee shop, was the only family to take care of her. He was a close friend with the Uesugis, his next door neighbour. And so, the two families had a very close relationship and the kids, Minami, Tatsuya and Kazuya grew up together. As they always played together, they ruined everything in both their houses when they played. Therefore the parents decided to build a small playhouse for them in the middle of their backyards, so the three kids could play together while the parents could plan things like the wedding of Minami and Kazuya. Even at their young age, their parents already knew that Minami and Kazuya would be together in the future.

But nobody knew what Minami wanted. She never said it to the parents. She just let them talk but from the beginning, the story had  almost told that she really didn't want it that way.

Minami was the most popular girl in her Junior High College. Everyone liked her such as Kazuya. She had been the manager for the Meisei baseball team for a while until she noticed her interest in gymnastics, then turned her pursuits to this sport.

In her college years, she and Tatsuya were in some sort of "find themselves", telling each other that they should do what made them happy and what they believed in. After Minami had quitted gymnastics, she became an assistant of sport photographer. She stayed in Japan to pursue this dream of becoming a photographer along with Tatsuya who pursued his dream in America.

Harada Shouhei

Harada-kun was a classmate of Tatsuya, Minami and Kazuya. He was big, tall and burly. He looked much older than the others because of his size, very differently.

Harada was Tatsuya's mentor, encouraging him to show his talents, instead of being a slacker all the time and being so "wishy washy" towards Kazuya. He wanted Tatsuya to just "hit back". Harada did not want his valuable friend to live in the shadow of his famous brother. And he even knew how to test Tatsuya's fighting ability when he was bothered by some punks. Harada helped Tatsuya to have training for boxing. Besides, he was always there for Tatsuya when he needs a friend to give advice even he did not expect it.

Harada was not good at his homework and had a problem with his appendix in Junior High. So he was always absent from school. He got a lot of free stuff from various students who were lonely and needed him as a guardian. Harada even had a female fan who made him a cap but Harada was not willing to accept it. He told Minami the reason that he could not stand for women and feel they were too complicated that he did not understand.

Harada was like a wise and elder brother and a friend with a full heart. He saw what was going on for everyone. And he gave advice in a way that made you realized it for yourself.

Matsudaira Koutarou

Koutarou was a honest and reliable person.  He was the catcher of the Meisei baseball team and he was the perfect partner to Kazuya. When Tatsuya replaced Kazuya after his death in the beginning, Koutarou disliked him very much and said Tatsuya was not suitable to play baseball. Actually, he thought no one could replace Kazuya. Yet, after a period of time, he was amazed with Tatsuya's hardwork and talents. Koutarou became his good friend and his alliance to go to Koushien together. He once gave a nicknam to Tatsuya, "Baka Aniki" meaning "idiot brother". After high school, Koutarou worked for his father's liquor store and he also became Meisei's baseball coach.

Nitta Akio

Nitta was another great baseball player from an opposing team, Sumiko or Sumi Tech, to Meisei. Nitta looked a bit like Kazuya except with longer hair.

He was in the opposing team that lost to Tatsuya when they played in the final that went for Koshien in Tatsuya's second try. Nitta was a sort of rival for both Tatsuya and Kazuya, not only because of baseball but also because he fell in love with Minami. He later mentioned to Minami that baseball was not the only thing he wanted to challenge Tatsuya.

During the college years, Nitta kept playing baseball. He, like Harada, also enouraged Tatsuya to continue playing. He told Tatsuya that he could tell Tatsuya was a good player and his talent was even better than Kazuya's.

Yuka Akio

Yuka was Nitta's sister and she liked Tatsuya. She transfered to Meisei high to be a so called "spy" for the Sumiko team. Yuka told Minami that if Minami did not act on getting Tatsuya, she would definately take him after her high school exams. But she was not saying that in a negative way. She did it basically she wanted to make Minami and Tatsuya together, she wanted to speed up their relationship.

The Uesugis

The parents of Tatsuya and Kazuya were happy people. They were close but they did not show their affections to each other. They acted like a young couple in love. Kazuya was their favorite.

Asakura Toshio

Mr. Asakura was Minami's father. He owned "South Wind" coffee shop or known as "Minamikaze". Minami's father was kind and funny. He was the first one among the parents to notice that Minami's choice was not Kazuya like they believed. He told Tatsuya that when he was still young, he had a rival just like Kazuya. Someone that was just "perfect". They both liked Minami's mother but in the end Minami's mother had chosen him because he was not so perfect.

Kashiwaba Eijiro

Eijiro was the temporary coach in Tatsuya's senior year due to the sickness of Coach Nishio. But actually, the invited coach should be Eiichiro, Eijiro personated him. Eijiro played baseball for Meisei 10 years ago but was kicked out of the team because of a "violent" incident. He vowed to take revenge on Meisei.

Eijiro had a story very similar to Tatsuya's. He had an elder brother named Eiichiro that was the Ace of Meisei. They had a childhood friend, a girl named Reiko. And all of them promised that they would go to Koshien together. But when Eiichiro could not fulfill the promise, Eijiro still wanted to keep their dream alive. But something happened...

Eijiro had a serious eye disease but he tried to hide it by wearing sunglasses. He did not want to have treatment until his "revenge" with Meisei was done.

Coach Nishio

Coach Nishio was the coach of Meisei's High School Baseball Team. He was one of those coaches that treated their players well. His daughter was one of the team managers. Although he was a little bit absentminded, he was an angel when compared to Kashiwaba.

Nishio Sachiko

Sachiko was the daughter of Coach Nishio and Meisei High's baseball manager before Minami joined the team. Sachiko noticed that Tatsuya had a hidden talent, although at first she thought Tatsuya was Kazuya. She was one of the first people, other than Minami and Kazuya to realize that Tatsuya had great pontential at anything. Especially baseball if he actually tried.

Nishimura Isami

Nishimura was another of Tatsuya's rival in baseball. He played for Seinan High School and was in love with Minami. Nishimura was also an excellent pitcher. Tatsuya and the Meisei team lost to Nishimura and the Seinan team when it was Tatsuya's first try at being the pitcher for Meisei.

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Punch was Minami's dog that played with Tatsuya and Kazuya a lot. Punch had an annoying bark, just like a person's barking. He was pretty funny though. If Tatsuya was a dog, he would be Punch.

Reference from Not Forgotten