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Touch Timeline - Middle School (based on manga)

1983Apr  Tatsuya Uesugi, Kazuya Uesugi and Minami Asakura studied Middle School Year 3
Kazuya Uesugi was the pitcher of Meisei Baseball Team
 Summer In First Final Exam, Kazuya Uesugi and Minami Asakura were ended up in the first and third place respectively. But Tatsuya Uesugi was not even in the first fifty
Nishio Sachiko identified Tatsuya Uesugi wrongly as Kazuya Uesugi
Takeshi Kuroki decided to change to Third Baseman and let Kazuya Uesugi to be the pitcher next year
Tatsuya Uesugi personated as Kazuya Uesugi to attend a baseball game, he pitched only one ball and lost the game
In the voting of the Most Popular Classmate, Minami Asakura won the most popular female classmate by one vote. Kazuya Uesugi won the most popular male classmate. Tatsuya Uesugi only got one vote
 Autumn  Minami Asakura wondered if Tatsuya Uesugi had read her diary. She found out the truth by saying she loved him
Tatsuya Uesugi joined the boy-girl mixed replay. He ran faster than Kazuya Uesugi but lost the game finally
 Winter Tatsuya Uesugi personated as Kazuya Uesugi to take wedding photos with Minami Asakura for a wedding plaza promotion
Tatsuya Uesugi was forced to join the baseball game as right outfielder and 9th batter. He hit the ball pitched by Kazuya Uesugi and had a home-run.
 Unknown It was the first time for Nitta Akio joined a baseball practice game and was strike-out by Kazuya Uesugi
1984Mar06 Harada Shouhei had an operation on the cecum
 Mar07 Minami Asakura slapped Harada Shouhei across the face