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Kisses: Minami & Tatsuya (designed in Jun 05) Evergreen (designed in Nov 09)

Meanwhile, I also would like to show you the previous layouts before using phpsiteskin:

Version: 1.0

Time: December 2002

Idea: It is hard to choose from Touch images since there are not many good color images (I don't want to use those TV ones, they are somehow different from the manga). So I have chosen the black and white manga images. I love the left one, could you tell which one is Kazuya and Tatsuya? It is easy to tell, Kazuya pitching the ball with Tatsuya in the background. They are twins but they still have some significant facial differences especially their expressions. And I also have chosen a photo for the twins and Minami. The reason I have chosen it of course they are the main characters. And I love the background very much, the baseball playground. These three main images constructed this layout which make the theme become very obvious.


Version: 2.0

Time: June 2003

Idea: Actually, I don't have any special idea for this layout since I think the previous one is very good. So, I have placed the previous one for half year. But I still want to change it since I want to do a major change for this fanlisting and give another impression to my new and old visitors. I want to do a simple and refreshing layout, so I mainly use the white color and several images. And I have used red color also, you may wonder why I use red. I don't know if the manga you read is same to mine or not but the one I read is with red Chinese title. So, I always have the impression is the logo of Touch is red and I think using red color to illustrate Touch is the best. Hope this layout can give the visitors a refreshing feeling. And I have changed to a pop up window to solve the resolution problem, all visitors with various resolutions can have the same view now.

June 2005 has started to use phpsiteskin

Time: June 2005

Idea: I think it is a very classic scene in Touch. It was so warm and sweet that Minami gave this kiss to Tatsuya after his severe fight in the fighting competition. A clue to Tatsuya or to readers? Minami or Adachi would not tell or admit. But certainly, we do enjoy it.

Time: November 2009

Idea: Really sorry for so long not working on any design for Touch Fanlisting. I hope it is not too late. Actually, my websites have been hacked in Dec 2008 and unfortunately, I have no backup. So, I need to clean the files one by one. And as I am using a hosting company outside Hong Kong, I cannot bear the connection speed to that host anymore. Therefore, I have decided to host on my own. In November 2009, I am busy in setting up the server. While I am checking all the files, I know it lacks updates here. So, I am eager to do something for my favourite again. However, few color images in good quality of Touch can be found via internet. So, I only use several well-known images for this layout. The main color is green which represents reborn and evergreen. I think this site will keep going online and this comics, Touch, is still the favourite of many people.